Health Information Exchange

Fostering Collaboration Across Central Texas

We connect organizations, policymakers, and stakeholders across all sectors to better address pressing health challenges.

With decades of experience as a Health Information Exchange, we’ve become a catalyst for collaboration and innovation above and beyond traditional Health Information Exchange (HIE) boundaries.

Ensuring the most secure data so Central Texans can get access to quality care and an opportunity to live their healthiest, happiest lives.


Data Driven

connxus facilitates data sharing and cooperation across all sectors, serving as both a broker and a partner for change.

Driven by innovation and a deep-rooted commitment to community well-being, we’re shaping a healthier, more connected future, rewriting the narrative of health as more than an annual visit to a provider.


Secure Data Exchange

We excel in health data processing and transactions and ensure compliance with industry-established standards, and HIPAA regulations.

Our data network allows for better collaboration and drives innovation to improve outcomes for individuals and communities. We welcome partnerships from all industries, empowering collective action to address complex challenges and promote well-being.

Transforming society’s approach to the health continuum through data-driven insights.

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